This page will briefly explain some style rules for creating wiki articles for the MUSC 520 class. 

Page LayoutEdit

The page should have a fairly standard layout. The article should begin with a paragraph with no heading, and should give a brief summary of the chosen composer, composition, or other topic. Include any relevant dates, internal/external links, or other biographical information. 

The body should include one, two, or more subjects of interest related to your main topic. These should be set off with headings using the Heading 2 selection in the Wikia editor.

Please include the required audio/video, and score links in either relevant body sections, the title section, or a section of their own. Youtube videos can be easily linked and then aligned to a side of the page. They should be aligned to the right side of the page within the section. 

Please place your article in the appropriate category. This is found at the right side of the Wikia editor. I will try to have categories created the week before each relevant week. The category should just be the era/style to which your article applies, unless Professor McKinley says otherwise. 


The final section of the article should include citations for any bibliographical information you accessed in writing the article. The citations should appear in Chicago format. 

Nota BeneEdit

The Wikia editor does not spell check. I recommend either typing your article in Pages/Word first or copying and pasting it there afterwords. 

If you are copying and pasting a quotation or citation from the web, the font does not transfer well. Copying it into Pages first and then recopying into Wika seems to work fine. 

I had problems with adding a photo. The application sometimes just showed a blank screen instead of an option to upload. Just publish what you have, exit the current window or tab, and then retry. 

Remember that your view in the editing mode is not what you will see in the published mode. Be sure to check your spacings and alignments after you publish. Try to ensure that your heading lines go all the way across the page without interference from a picture or other insertion.