Fenice fu' - Jacopo da Bologna (Ars nova italiana)-1

Fenice fu' - Jacopo da Bologna (Ars nova italiana)-1


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Jacopo da Bologna (c1340 – 1386) was an Italian composer of the Trecento most known for his Madrigals. He is also known for his short theatrical works  




Fenice Fu’Edit

This work features two voices and the  hockett or hiccup shows up  as the two voices alternate.

Fenice Fu’ is a Madrigal from the Trecento due to the use of two voices. The upper voice is more elaborate while the tenor is not. Also the text follows the structure of these Madrigals with two strophes and a refrain. Also, the tone of the text is of a pastoral nature.

A Tra


A translation of the text:

I was a phoenix and I lived pure and delicate

And now I am transformed into a turtledove

That flies with love through the beautiful orchards


Dry trees and murky water

Do not delight me, but because of this doubt,

 Go in summer, winter comes quickly.



So I lived and so I live and I can write

That for a woman there is no more than honesty