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Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach wrote this sonata in f minor Wq63 no.6 inside his treatise on ornamentation and figured bass which he called "Probestücke”. The six sonatas were composed in Berlin, 1753.


The tonalities of the movements are: I (f minor), II (a-flat major) and III (c minor). The First movement is in toccata form because of the virtuosic element. It has binary form. The second movement is a
K.P.E.Bach sonata in fa min Wotq 62.6

K.P.E.Bach sonata in fa min Wotq 62.6 .wmv-0

Sarabande and the last movement is composed in a free style like his fantasies, almost without bar lines;  the melody has no lines because it seems very fragmented, it was clearly composed for the clavichord because of the symbol: bebung” for his notation.


This Sonata can be contrasted in terms of character with the Sonata no. 4 in C minor, because the first movement of the C minor Sonata is not an etude or a toccata like in the f minor Sonata, here there is sorts of expressivity, large melodic lines, and  a few modulations to distant keys. The form is binary like the other sonata and both are the antecessors of the allegro de sonata form. The Second Movement of the C minor sonata is in Adagio tempo in the relative major key (a-flat), the contrasting element with the f minor sonata is the utilization of a mini cadenza. The third movement in a fast tempo like a gigue and it is divided into two parts with a contrapuntal texture.
Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach Prussian Sonata for Harpsichord No.4 in C minor, (H

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach Prussian Sonata for Harpsichord No.4 in C minor, (H.27)

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