A Minstrel's Music - La dousa vota

A Minstrel's Music - La dousa vota

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Bernart de Ventadorn Edit

During the Middle Ages, one of the most prominent art forms known as Troubador Poetry began to take shape. This art form focused on secular text and poetry, which began the shift to secular music and ideas rather than liturgical text and biblical themes. The group known as the Troubadours were mostly centered in the south of France, whereas the other group of traveling musicians known as the Trouveres, were mostly located in Northern France. Bernart de Ventadorn was a significant figure among the Troubadours. Ventadorn was known for his prolific output of "cancons" which encompass themes of "courtly love" and poetic affection. 

La Dousa Votz Edit

La Dousa Votz is one of Ventadorn's several "cancons." Like many of his works, this song also centers on themes of love and longing. La Dousa Votz can also be considered a vernacular song, since it is written in secular, French text. This musical poem is written for solo voice with instrumental accompaniment.